Stone-like Exterior Paint

Stone-like Exterior Paint

BRD Stone-Like Paint is green, economic, personality, and light weight. Stone-like paint shows the special spatial visualization, extensive and lively, with various changeable and optional individual collection.

It used for villa, home, hotel, commercial buildings and other masonry buildings, or decorations or protections on the plaster board surface.


►Environmental Protection
►Weather Resistance
►Brand new remove odor technology
►Scrub Resistance
►Large Brushing Area

Technical parameters

Manufacturing technology

To achieve a professional stone effect finish, prepare all surfaces well. Ensure the area is clean, sound and dry. Repair any damage with a suitable filler. Stone-like or lacquered surfaces. Stone-like paint using an economy natural bristled brush, roller or spray. Allow 1-3 hours to dry depending on conditions. A second coat of Primer may be applied where there is a significant colour change. If necessary, The Stone Range can be diluted, using no more than 20% water.


1.Use an economy natural bristled brush.
2.We recommend a minimum of 3 coats for a professional.
3.Circulate warm air around the painted surface to decrease drying times.
4.If you catch or scuff the drying coating, simply brush over using your damp paint brush.


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