Fluorocarbon Paint Wall Cladding

Fluorocarbon Paint Wall Cladding

Fluorocarbon Paint is an environmentally-friendly one-component fluorocarbon emulsion coating with excellent performance of fluorocarbon resin. It has excellent durability, easy construction, long-term excellent gloss and color retention. 

It applied to various exterior walls of building, and the ultra-durable decorative protective coating. It can greatly extend the service life of the building.


1. Excellent durability;
2; long-term excellent gloss and color retention performance;
3, the surface is smooth, with very good self-cleaning.

Technical parameters

No. Insulation External color Appearance density (kg/m3) Compressive strength (Mpa) Dimensional Stability Thermal conductivity (w/m.k) Flammability Water vapor permeability (ng/pa.m.s)
1 XPS Light blue Light blue 28.0 – 35.0   ≤1.20 ≤0.03 B1 ≤3.0
2 PU White White 22.02 – 25.0 ≤0.30 ≤0.039 B1 ≤3.0
3 TPS White White 30.0 – 32.0 ≤0.3 ≤0.036 B1 ≤3.0
4 Rockwool Dark yellow Dark yellow ≥ 0.150   ≤0.048 A ≤3.0

Manufacturing technology

What makes of the Exterior Wall Cladding Systems?
- Surface Coating: Natural stone, imitation stone, PVDF coating,etc.
- Substrate board: non-asbestos Calcium Silicate Board, Fiber Cement Panel
- Insulation materials: PU/EPS/TPS/XPS/Rock wool, with heat insulation peformence  

Decorative layer include Fluorine carbon coating, fluorocarbon metallic paint and fluorocarbon paint.

The Calcium Silicate Board is made of high strength inorganic resin plate with outstanding self-cleaning, the raining or water can refresh the surface coating against oil and stain. The surface coating may keep beautiful and clean after 30 years life span.

Dimensions and tolerances of  Exterior Wall Cladding System Panels:

Panel length (mm) 2440
Panel width (mm) 1220
Surface Coating Choices Natural stone Imitatio stone PVDF  
Substrate thickness (mm) 6 8 10 12
Backboard thickness (mm) 4 4 5 5
Insulation thickness(mm) 10-100
Width tolerance (mm) 0.5/-0.5
Length tolerance (mm) 2/-2


First, check the grassroots level
After paint the wall of grassroots level, the outer surface should meet the following requirements:
1) dry and clean.
2) remove the bulge, empty part of the pine loose parts.
3) the surface may not have powder and peeling phenomenon.

Second, the bears separation
It should be set to vertical and horizontal line for the flat reference, according to the design layout of the separation program, pop up installation control line of each board. 

Third, bore a hole to embedded expansion bolts
Segmented line play well, check correct, in accordance with the good split hole drilling embedded embedded expansion bolts. 

Fourth, pre-installed anchor
The connection between the L-type anchor and the H-type pendant is secured to the wall by means of expansion bolts.

Fifth, the preparation of adhesive mortar
Proportionally formulated, good adhesion mortar should be used within 1.5 hours. The bonding area of insulation decorative board should not be less than 50%, adhesive distribution point use "point box method."

Six, bonding + anchoring
The outer side and the inside of the H-type pendant are respectively inserted in the side groove of insulation decorative board, it through the expansion bolt and the adhesive mortar fixed to the wall.

Seven, fill the foam, paste the masking tape
Fill the foam strip in the divider and paste the tape on both sides of the seam.

Eight, fill the silicone sealant
Squeeze the silicone sealant into the slit, the process of squeeze, the mouth should be inserted into the gap above 4mm, even slow moving.

Nine, tear the masking tape, protective film
After silicone sealant neat scraping, and then stripped the masking tape, the protective film is strictly prohibited to tear before all the unfinished project, If the film is covered, it should be removed at the same time remove the scaffolding.


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